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Entrance in Gacka

Gacka can be accessed from different directions: west from the road leading to the coast and the town of Senj across the Vratnik mountain pass; north from the direction of Ogulin and Gorski Kotar across the pass dividing Velika Kapela and Mala Kapela; east from the direction of Plitvice Lakes and Krbava via Homoljac gorge; south from Gospić and Lika across the Janjče slopes. This picturesque area can also be accessed from the sea over the largest Croatian mountain, through the Velebit Nature Park and Krasno via the Grezina pass on the Senjsko Bilo ridge. If travelling by rail, you will experience the most beautiful scenery – the place of birth of the river Gacka. If arriving by air, the whole landscape will spread out before your eyes.

The Gacka region is located in a central position between the world famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Velebit Nature Park and the North Velebit National Park (not far from the Botanical Garden on Zavižan and the Marian pilgrimage site at Krasno). Adding to the attractiveness of the destination is the Gacka river, one of the best known salmonid waters in the world.

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Relief of river Gacka

The landscape is very green with forests, glades, meadows and flat plains, rivers, streams and lakes.

Arriving in Gacka, you wil see it is not all barren rocks, on the contrary, the landscape is very green with forests, glades, meadows and flat plains, rivers, streams and lakes, but still abounding in karst formations such as caves and sinkholes. Villages and towns are randomly scattered in the fields in the foothills. Here people live in harmony with the wonders created by nature.

Ecologically preserved nature


Staying in Gacka

A magnificent combination of natural beauties and rich historical heritage will provide you with a range of opportunities for relaxation, spending leisurely time in the sun, and enjoying quiet sunsets on the banks of the meandering Gacka river.
Deciding to spend your time in the pristine natural environment of the Gacka river is a choice that, like no other, will allow you to benefit, within a distance of just 40 kilometres, from the enjoyment in two national parks (Plitvice Lakes National Park and North Velebit National Park), the Velebit Nature Park and a host of other small but picturesque and interesting localities, each of which hiding its own unique and interesting history.

Unlike any other destination, Gacka offers you a possibility to spend the day swimming in the crystal clear sea only 40 kilometres away, and relax on one of the café terrace during warm summer evenings; to go on a bike ride, a walk or a hike in the mountain or take advantage of the numerous other outdoor activities provided by a destination located near some of the world’s greatest natural attractions within easy reach of the sea.
What also makes this destination unique is the simplicity and generosity of the hosts, their jovial, peaceful and boisterous nature and desire to please the guest.
It’s a wealth you cannot take with you, instead it will capture your soul and keep it filled until your next visit.