Hiking trails

Without discovering the forest environment, it is impossible to have a full experience of the Gacka Valley. Therefore, regardless of whether guests are experienced hikers or not, explore one of the Otočac hiking routes that are appropriate for everyone. Discover nature, rest your mind, take a deep breath, restore your energy, and instantly lift your spirits. When you come across stunning viewpoints with stunning views, you'll see just how much your efforts in hiking have paid off!


KT 12 VELJUN (1,013 m)

Access: The village of Sinac in the Gacka valley can be reached from the west from the direction of Otočac (about 20 km), from the east from the direction of Plitvice Lakes via Vrhovine about 50 km, from the west from Senj via Vratnik and Otočac about 60 km, from the south from the direction Gospić about 40 km.

Route description: A hunting lodge owned by the Sinac-based hunting society Ravna gora is located one kilometer away from Majerovo vrilo. The Godača route begins at the Cross of the Savior, which is close to the hunting lodge. From there, a well-maintained, passable forest road is 500 meters distant.

From the starting point, which is 460 meters above sea level, the path rises to the Zagreb-Split line's longest railway tunnel, the top of Veljun (1013 meters), and the Veliki and Mali Kotal areas. A hunting lodge can be found in the surrounding Croatian forests of Ispostava Otočac and LD Ravna gora, Udol, and Mala Draga. For 8 kilometres, the road travels through the forest. It lasts for three hours and has a medium difficulty. Beautiful views of the North Velebit and the Gack Valley may be had from a number of viewpoint points. At the highest summit of Veljun, there is a KT stamp set into the rock.


KT 10 PANOS (828 m)

Approach: The town of Kuterevo, 2 km from the road Otočac - Krasno

Route description: The departure to the top of Panos is from the center of Kuterevo by the church. After 2 km of easy ascent, mostly on the road and a small part through the forest, you will reach the top of Panos. From the top, there are beautiful views towards Keča greda and the part of Velebit towards Senjski Bil. The tour lasts 1 hour.

The stamp KT is concreted on the stone near the top.



Access: From the direction of Gospić (35 km) or from Zagreb to the railway station Ličko Lešće (140 km)

Route description: starting point is 200 meters from the railway station Ličko Lešće from the direction of Zagreb by car, turn right along the forest road. The 8 km long forest road passes under the highway and continues to the turning point called Šumske bukvice. An pleasant, marked path leads to the Mramor elevation (760 m), where there are benches and a table for rest. Kamenica with 1.5 cubic meters of cold water is not far away. The path then continues by climbing very steeply to the very summit over a 350 m height difference. It takes 1.30 hours to hike from the turning point to the summit.

Another approach to the climb is from Čovići, where you drive to the Tončina Bridge and park it there. Cross the bridge, then turn right after 50 meters to see a sign with a map of the area and a trail drawn on it. Move in the opposite direction of the road that leads from the Veterans Association for Vacation and Recreation Glavičica's residence. The path ascends from 450 meters to the Katun Draga pass at 700 meters before continuing through a lovely pine and fir forest on the northern slope of Plasina. Further on, you pass the Veliki Gašparac lookout (8674 m), the Votićev vršak lookout (751 m) and several interesting localities up to the previously described turnpike at Gusti bukvice. The path continues as in the first variant. From the top of the Marković Rudina, there are beautiful views of Gacka and Kosinj Valley, Velebit, Lika Central Highlands, Lička Plješivica, and Velika and Mala Kapela. This trip takes about 4.30 hours. The KT mark is at the very top concreted next to the stone.

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