Masquerade in Gacka Valley

Carnival season is unquestionably the most vibrant, humorous, and crazy time of the year. In January and February, when the Mačkare reign in the Gacka Valley, you must definitely visitOtočac if you enjoy costumes, bright colors, masks, dancing, laughter, and a fun atmosphere. Their period starts at the end of January and lasts for three weeks, during which you can have a lot of fun, win wonderful rewards, and at least briefly change who you are.


Easter in Otočac

The beginning of the tourist season in Otočac begins with the Easter event in Otočac. The Easter fair where you can find candles made of homemade wax in the shape of Easter eggs, woolen Easter decorations and products, homemade honey, tea or jam, jewelry steeped in tradition and many other products will surely be an ideal gift for your loved ones. For the youngest, there are creative workshops for making woolen Easter cards and other Easter symbols, as well as a masked animation team that will entertain them for several hours through a show, games and dance.

Team Silber Race

The Croatian motorcycle club Otočac– Team Silber – organizes the championship race of Croatia and Alpe Adria in Extreme Enduro for all those who want a special 150 top riders from various countries prepare an incredible spectacle every year in May. Drivers compete in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Veteran classes. For all lovers of these extreme rides, a 60 km track has been prepared, as well as the possibility of winning rich prizes.


The Coklje Fest

This street art festival, different in many ways, is a true combination of tradition, creativity and fun. Coklja, as one of the autochthonous parts of Lika's national costume (woolen footwear), whose manufacturing process is protected by UNESCO, is the main reason for holding this festival, and the festival itself is a place where you will experience a combination of tradition and modernity through a rich program. At the fair of local products, you'll find out why cokljasare so cool that you'll even buy your own. What is the connection between the Lika cap and the battle on Krbavsko polje? What is Dangubica and what does it sound like? What does the Gacka buckle look like? Who are the Japods? And more. You will see for yourself that chapalinka with honeydew or plum jam is the finest dessert, and you will also hear our dear chakavian dialect. In addition to all of this, you have the opportunity to participate in a fashion show, creative workshops and the selection of the best souvenir. You will also have a chance to dance to the tunes of local musicians.

Folklore festival

For more than 20 years, Otočac has been the center of folklore in the Lika-Senj County. Every year, in the middle of June, the streets of the city are dominated by folk costumes, which are worn by members of local and visiting folklore groups. On the first day, the competition for the most beautiful girl in national costume and the most original male national costume is held, while on the second day, a parade and performance of all participants who proudly represent the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of their regions is held.


Gacka run

The Gacka Run road race is the main reason for the gathering of all big and small running fans. The 5 km and 10 km trails start from the park in the center of Otočac, follow the course of the Gacka River and pass through nearby towns. A children's race is held throughout the morning, while the afternoon is reserved for a big race in several categories. Those who are the fastest expect valuable prizes, while everyone else expects finisher medals and astart package. The beautiful natural beauty that surrounds the river Gacka will enchant you so much that you will complete the race with ease, and after the race there will be a party with a musical program.

Barkan's bicycle race

If you are a fan of riding on two wheels, regardless of whether your bike is electric or not, you must not miss taking part in Barkan's bicycle race. 40 km of paths along the river Gacka on asphalt and macadam are safe for all age groups to ride, which is why there are also large and children's bicycle races, as well as a competition for the youngest participants in a slow ride through the training ground. In addition to cycling and enjoying the turquoise scenery of the beautiful Gacka, you can also enjoy top-notch entertainment with a musical program.


Eco-Ethno Gacka

This two-day gastronomic manifestation of an exhibition, sales and competition character is the largest and most visited manifestation in the area of ​​the city of Otočac, which gathers several thousand visitors. In the city park in Otočac, you can expect a great atmosphere, a rich entertainment program and a handful of fine specialties. The local products fair offers products and specialties from all over Croatia. The youngest can enjoy workshops, a puppet show and an amusement park. For those with a refined palate, the most interesting thing will certainly be the hunter's goulash cooking competition of amateur cooking teams and the tasting of trout and cheesefinger food specialties. What gives the event a special charm is certainly the choice of the most creative cooking team in the arrangement of their cooking corners, the choice of the most sympathetic chef and the most beautifully decorated stand. The highlight is a concert by a popular Croatian performer as well as other local and visiting musical performers.

Croatian walking festival

The Croatian Walking Festival is a unique two-day sports and recreational event that takes place in Otočac and Gospić on the first weekend in September. In Otočac, the trail follows the course of the Gacka River and passes through several significant localities, while the trails in Gospić bear the name of Tesla and end at his birthplace, more precisely at the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan. On both days, participants can walk on trails of 10+, 20+ or ​​30+ km, and the trails are suitable for all age groups. The special value of this event is given by the fact that the Croatian Walking Festival is included in the list of the world annual calendar IML (International March League) and participants from various countries take part in it. In addition to contributing to your health by walking, at this festival you will get to know the beautiful landscapes of Lika by walking, you will have the opportunity to socialize with walking lovers from various parts of Croatia and beyond, and all you need is good will and comfortable tennis shoes.


The Autumn Festival

The autumn colors of the leaves in combination with the turquoise color of the Gacka River create a particularly magical palette that every impressionist painter would like to have. At the autumn festival, you will get to know Autumn in Otočac through numerous tastes and smells, and in order to always remember them, there is also a fair of local products so that you can take a piece of this Paradise on Earth home with you. Relax and learn something new at workshops with straw and leaves, see straw sculptures and experience autumn through a dance performance of autumn creatures.

Christmas Market in Otočac

The Advent season in Otočac is unquestionably just as special, as shown by the Christmas Market there, where you may experience true Christmas magic. Otočac transforms into the amusing North Pole in December with Santa Claus and elves. A Christmas fair, concerts, shows, seminars, an all-ages open-air ice rink, and competitions for making homemade cookies are just some of the events on the schedule. You don't even block the snowflakes that improve the ambiance when, in addition to all of this, you are surrounded by the aroma of fried sausages or fritters and warmed by mulled wine or gin. Advent seasons Christmas market in Otočac placed second in the competition's small towns category in 2022.


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