The Gacka River

Under Godača and Venac in Sinac, unexpectedly silent springs our pride and joy, the 61 km long Gacka River. It exhibits its vigor and playfulness after emerging from the karst subterranean after only fifty meters, collapsing in little waterfalls forming the stream or tributaries. She keeps flowing across the valley to the Karlova Canal near Otočac, where it merges with the Lika River.

Characteristics of the Gacka River

Despite having all the features of a karst river, the Gacka is incredibly slow, has a tranquil flow, and has a steady amount of water. In addition to the spring's perpetual supply, Gacka is renowned for its stability and subtle temperature variations. The temperature is 9.4°C on average each year (7.9°C in winter and 10.8°C in summer), which is ideal for salmonids. The Gacka has a high oxygen content (p.1 to 13.5 mg/l), and its chemical composition is hard, slightly alkaline, and rich in calcium salts.

The flora and fauna of the Gacka is very rich. The water is lush with plants due to the favorable water temperature, pleasant chemical composition, muddy bottom, from mosses, algae to stem plants.

When it comes to fish, Gacka is renowned across the world for its brown trout (Salmo trutta farrio), which is the sport's fishermen top challenge. Brown trout in Gacka grow 5 to 7 times more quickly than in any other trout water in the world due to the amount of food. Because of this, magnificent Gacka brown trout frequently reach weights of 5 kg.

For the people who live in Gacka dolina, Gacka symbolizes "life." She is a companion, inspiration, and solace for all time.

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